Giving Together

Giving Together

Giving With Other Like-Minded Individuals

The Community Foundation is about connecting people who care with causes that matter.

One of the most rewarding ways to give can be to give collectively. Through the Community Foundation you can join with other like minded individuals as a group and make your giving even more effective.

Giving to a theme or a place

Our thematic funds address the big issues of today locally within our community and are often in support of less popular causes, emerging issues or people on the margins of society where, together, we know we can make a real impact.

Causes and places that the community have told us matter to them, the Foundation is committed to supporting and welcomes support from you and others to build enduring funds over the long-term. Working with others you can help to make an impact now and in the future.

Our current thematic funds that require support are:

Women's Fund for NI

Supporting individual women and girls in Northern Ireland to overcome barriers preventing them from fulfilling their potential.

The Older People's Fund

Supporting older people at risk of social and economic exclusion

Social Justice Fund

Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies our Social Justice small grants programme supports

NI Human Rights Fund

Together with The Atlantic Philanthropies we are working to build a ten-year £10 million Human Rights Fund for Northern Ireland that will continue to sustain and support key human rights organisations.

Acorn Fund

A fund made up of donations from generous people in the Derry – Londonderry area who aim to make a positive contribution towards improving the lives of people and the community in their locality.

Destitute Asylum Seekers

Supporting people who are destitute because of their asylum status, have no adequate accommodation and are unable to meet their essential living needs with have no means to do so.

Giving Circles

What is a Giving Circle?

Giving Circles are a collection of individuals who pool their donations together to make grants to local individuals and organisations. Often, Giving Circles are formed from a group of people who are already acquainted with each other and share a common interest, place or cause, so that they can give and learn together. That could be colleagues from work, people in a geographical area, young mothers, sports club members or any number of other situations.

Benefits of a Giving Circle

Of course not every member of a Giving Circle will always be in agreement – people have very different experiences in life and are passionate about the causes they personally care about. Giving Circles learn valuable philanthropic skills and collectively evaluate and make smart decisions about where their gifts will make the most impact. The Foundation can facilitate and support you in developing these skills.

For those who are new to a town or an area, Giving Circles are a great way to learn about local needs while simultaneously finding a network of like-minded individuals and friends.

Start a Giving Circle

We’re happy to assist you in establishing a Giving Circle. We already support a number of Giving Circles and many of our Thematic Funds above have Circles linked to them. Our team can advise and support you through initial meetings, the level of formality your circle wants to have, your group’s mission and purpose, how it will grow, and how to establish your grant giving.

See the difference that giving together can make

Circle of Change

“This is a huge amount of money to receive in one go; to say we’re delighted is an understatement. It would have taken us a very long time to raise this much money which we will put to good use in our community.”

Supporting Women

“I cannot express how grateful I am to be have been granted money from The Women’s Fund, I really would have struggled without the funding. The funding allowed me to complete a course I felt was crucial in developing my career path and gaining work as a Costume Maker”

Redrock Development Association

Older People

“Each week our small hall is full of 70 – 80 older people all dancing together, going on great trips and meeting new people to join us on our Tuesday adventures. We are proud to be part of the Tuesday club which is a place for the community to find new friends and connect with others in their area, there is definitely nothing like the Tuesday club anywhere near us. The club operates during the day when many retired people are available due to family and neighbours being at work giving them an opportunity to reach out and become more socially active trying exploring new interests”

Who to speak to

Shauna Kelpie

Fund Development Officer

Shauna Kelpie

Fund Development Officer

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