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A lifeline for its members

By Mervyn Dougan

Redrock Tuesday club has been a lifeline for all it’s members; the volunteers that work with the club are so hardworking and dedicated to all the members of the club. The Tuesday Club is a vital community service for all, keeping everyone independent and giving everyone a reason to get dressed up and attend each Tuesday no matter the weather.

Every Tuesday afternoon we meet together in our community hall and dance the afternoon away. We meet friends to chat, discussing life, problems and our families. Volunteers prepare a beautiful lunch for us each week; they put so much effort into the preparation and serving the refreshments but always taking time with each person, they are exceptional.

Redrock is a very rural area with little to nothing for older people to attend, we are proud to be part of the Tuesday club which is a place for the community to find new friends and connect with others in their area, there is definitely nothing like the Tuesday club anywhere near us. The club operates during the day when many retired people are available due to family and neighbours being at work giving them an opportunity to reach out and become more socially active trying exploring new interests.

Each week our small hall is full of 70 – 80 older people all dancing together, going on great trips and meeting new people to join us on our Tuesday adventures. We have been a growing group since established in 2004 which has been undoubtedly highlighted by the increasing number of attendees showing the great need for this social club in a socially deprived rural area. The club has addressed the need for social contact and keeping us all active through dance while having great fun, taking care of our social well-being provides mental and physical health benefits important for us all.

Everyone is welcome at our club – people come from all over to join us, we are a friendly bunch!

Our club would not survive without the support of our volunteers and the organisations that fund our activities – it is so important for our rural community where people could easily get isolated and feel lonely. The Tuesday Club addresses all our social needs while being exciting and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing growing the Tuesday club and developing the space in which people in this rural area are benefiting from with the tremendous help of the volunteers and funding available.

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