Give a Gift in Your Will

Give a Gift in Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will is an opportunity to support the causes you care about into the future

By leaving a gift in your will to the Community Foundation you can safeguard the causes and communities you care about today and tomorrow.

You can decide whether to support a particular cause or people in a geographic area, or allow us to allocate your gift according to the most pressing current needs. You may choose to add to one of our themed funds. Or you may start a fund that will develop your own unique charitable interests and ensure your name – or your family’s name or that a friend or relative – will live on, as year after year your fund supports people working in local charities.

Remaining flexible and able to meet needs well into the future is an important part of any legacy, by working through the Community Foundation you can achieve this. Talk to us as part of your estate planning and we will advise you on how to leave the best legacy you can.

A gift in your will through the Community Foundation.....

1. Makes a lasting difference to the causes, people and places you care about. Say thank you, give back or support an issue you are passionate about.

2. Give you assurance that you will always be addressing needs that are current – a guaranteed impact, regardless of changes to the social or charitable landscape.

3. Is an alternative if you are reluctant to commit to specific charities in your will. Charities can merge or close, and needs and objectives can change,  By working through the Community Foundation you can be sure that due diligence is carried out each and every time a grant is made.

4. Is a special and lasting legacy.  We are a long-term funder. In the last 40 years we have awarded over £100 million in grants to charities, local groups and individuals. Organisations such as Comic Relief and Nationwide entrust us to manage their grant programmes in Northern Ireland – we support charities right down to local level.

5. Is tax efficient – you can substantially reduce your Inheritance Tax by leaving a gift in your will to The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.

6. Enables family and friends to be involved in the process of deciding which groups or charities to support each year but without the additional burden of legal or fiscal responsibility.

7. Is flexible and allows you to also give whilst living – as a Community Foundation legacy pledger get involved now in the work of groups and causes dear to you – visit projects through our ‘Seeing is Believing’ events and see first hand how local philanthropy is making a difference.

What to consider when leaving a gift in your will

Types of gifts in will

There are a number of ways that you can support your favourite causes through a gift in your will to the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland and whether residuary, pecuniary or a specific legacy, your solicitor will advise you. The Foundation is able to manage legacies of all kinds and we are flexible in how we can carry out your wishes. Gifts in cash, shares, land, property or other assets can be accepted and made tax efficiently through us.

Tax benefits

As a registered charity, gifts in wills made to the Community Foundation qualify as charitable donations. Charitable legacies are exempt from inheritance tax and could help reduce the total amount of tax paid on your estate, maximising what is available for your family and friends.

If you leave 10% or more of the net value of your estate in your will to charity, the rate of inheritance tax (IHT) will be reduced from 40% to 36%. Your accountant will be able to advise further.

Letter of Wishes

Your letter of wishes is separate from making a will, and provides extra guidance to us on how you wish your life to be celebrated and funds distributed.

If you are intending to leave a gift to the Community Foundation, you may wish to consider including guidance to us in a Letter of Wishes. A sample Letter of Wishes can be downloaded here but please do get in contact with us to discuss how best we can carry out your wishes.

Will To Give Logo

The Community Foundation is a proud member of Will to Give. Will to Give is a unique network of local charities working together to help people in Northern Ireland leave a gift in their will in the best and most effective way.

In recognition of - celebrating and remembering

If you wish to recognise or remember a family member or friend / colleague a fund in their name can often be a very appropriate way to celebrate their contribution to the local community.

The Community Foundation has worked with a number of families and organisations to set up funds that recognise and celebrate the lives of people. This can be in memory of someone but equally can be a way to recognise someone’s passion and focus for a local community or cause at retirement or a significant point in their lives.

In memory and in recognition funds

The Ann McGeeney Trust

The fund was set up in memory of Ann by her family, both as a way of celebrating Ann’s life and as a vehicle to continue to address the issues she was passionate about; building peace across and within communities; helping minority groups both indigenous and newly arrived; and women’s groups seeking to make a positive difference to women’s lives. The fund is a focal point for Ann’s family each year, both in fundraising and in giving out grants to groups and charities that would have resonated with her. It enables Ann’s family to continue to recognise her spirit and share that with many others.

The Sir George Quigley Fund

The Sir George Quigley Fund was set up by the Ulster Bank in honour of its former chairman when he retired. The leading civil servant and businessman was a strong advocate of initiatives to tackle sectarianism and he remained very involved in the fund throughout his retirement.

The Thomas Devlin Foundation

The Fund was set up in memory of Thomas Devlin who, at the age of 15, was murdered in an unprovoked attack in 2005 in Belfast. Thomas was passionately involved in all aspects of the creative arts and the Fund is dedicated to sustaining this enthusiasm in young people with similar appeal. Thomas’s parent remain heavily involved in the work of the fund and each year hand out a number of bursaries at a special awards night.

Who to speak to

Marcus Cooper

Marcus Cooper

Fund Development Manager

Marcus Cooper

Marcus Cooper

Fund Development Manager

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