In memory of a loved one

In memory of a loved one

Celebrate a loved one with a gift in their honor

You can recognise or remember a family member or friend with a fund in their name,  celebrating their contribution to the local community.

The Community Foundation has worked with a number of families and organisations from one-off donations to setting up longer term funds that recognise and celebrate the lives of people. This can be in memory of someone but equally can be a way to recognise someone’s passion and focus for a local community or cause at retirement or a significant point in their lives.


The Kate Lagan Fund

“Seven years on, grief can still catch you off guard but having something really positive to focus on and knowing Kate’s legacy will continue, goes some way in dealing with this. We know our mum would be proud and happy to know she’s still making her mark supporting others in our community.”

Ann McGeeney Fund



“We set this fund up in memory of Ann, so her work could live on and our daughters Holly and Daisy could be involved in something that would make their mother proud. Giving money to do good things was Ann’s passion and we are doing just that. Holly and Daisy are both involved in making positive change on behalf of their mother.”

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