What to consider when leaving a gift in your Will

What to consider when leaving a gift in your Will

Your gift to the future

Every adult should have a Will, regardless of age, income or wealth. Through a Will you can ensure that family and friends are taken care of and that your wishes are met after your death.

While a Will can be written at anytime, and should be reviewed regularly, there are a number of key stages in life when it is important to think about the future, for example; when you buy a house; if you sell a business or receive an inheritance, when you retire or of course if you win the lottery! As well as taking care of your assets your Will is also an opportunity to reflect your values and interests in life through leaving a gift to the causes and places you care about.

The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland is a safe and trusted place to leave a legacy. With over 40 years experience in helping connect people to the causes that matter to them the Foundation can advise and support you on this journey. You can leave a gift to the Foundation’s ‘Fund for the Future’ – always there and ready to assist people in the greatest need or you can talk to the Foundation about a place or cause that you believe in and want to continue to help. It’s up to you.

Types of gifts in Wills

There are a number of ways that you can support your favourite causes through a gift in your Will to the Community Foundation, whether residuary, pecuniary or a specific legacy, your solicitor will advise you. The Foundation is able to manage legacies of all kinds and we are flexible in how we can carry out your wishes. Gifts in cash, shares, land, property or other assets can be accepted and made tax-efficiently through us.

Tax benefits

As a registered charity, gifts in Wills to the Foundation are exempt from inheritance tax, maximising what is available for your family and friends.

Letter of wishes

Separate from making a Will, it provides extra guidance to us on how you wish your life to be celebrated and funds distributed. A sample Letter of Wishes can be downloaded here but please do get in contact with us to discuss how best we can carry out your wishes.

We will ensure your support makes a difference to your community and its need right now.  No matter when this is, your gift will count.

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