The Women’s Fund supporting Jude

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The Women’s Fund supporting Jude

Jude graduated in Fashion Design almost three years ago and has since really struggled to break into the costume industry as a Costume Maker. Having completed various internships and worked as a Costume Standby and Trainee she found it increasingly challenging getting work in a costume making workroom without any formal training in this highly specialised area.

Breaking into the industry is very tough and there is very little support for trainees in how to go about finding jobs. Jude worked extremely hard to get onto a prestigious short course in Historical Costume Making in York where only eight people are accepted on the course each time. Having saved for the price of the course and been accepted she realised she then needed to cover the cost of living away from home.

The Women’s Fund was able to grant Jude funding towards the living expenses she needed whilst attending this specialised course. Her wish from the course was to work as a Costume Maker in Northern Ireland, a very difficult career to break into. She has just finished the course and is about to start her new job working in as a Costume Maker for a Large Scale TV show filmed in Belfast.

“I cannot express how grateful I am to be have been granted money from The Women’s Fund, I really would have struggled without the funding. The funding allowed me to complete a course I felt was crucial in developing my career path and gaining work as a Costume Maker. I have learnt so much on the course and have completed it feeling absolutely inspired and excited for new beginnings. I am already delighted to say I have got work as a Costume Maker for a TV Series based at home in Belfast and cannot wait to start. Without The Women’s Fund living away from home would have been financially difficult, short courses like mine do not get the financial support they need even though they are for vocational purposes. It is fantastic that The Women’s Fund could provide me with this support and I am so appreciative of this.”

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