Acorn Fund

  • Intro:

  • A fund made up of donations from generous people in the Derry - Londonderry area who aim to make a positive contribution towards improving the lives of people and the community in their locality. Since 2012 we have awarded small grants to charitable and community groups where the need is greatest and where they can make a significant difference.

  • Area:

  • Derry~Londonderry

  • Priorities:

  • Children and Young People, Older People and Local Impacts of Climate.

About the Fund

The Acorn Fund is attempting to address deep-rooted social and economic imbalances, experienced by local communities emerging from generations of conflict.  It aims to strengthen the legacy of the Derry~Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013, ensuring the energy and creativity developed is directed into creating long-lasting, cohesive benefits.

Established by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland to harness the energy and enthusiasm uniquely expressed by people living in Derry~Londonderry, the Acorn Fund is focused on channelling local and overseas giving and collaborating with others to direct giving where it will most impact.

​Funding Priorities​

  • Projects which support children and young people to explore and use creativity to improve communication and develop entrepreneurship
  • Projects which innovatively address the issues surrounding access for disabled and socially excluded people.
  • Projects which support the sustainability and development of the social economy sector
  • Projects which address rural isolation and inclusion​​

Funding Programmes

The Legacy Small Grants and Inspire Bursaries

​The Legacy Small Grants programme provides a total funding programme of £25k annually in grant sizes of up to £3k for arts and culture projects within communities which take place right across the city and county.  The Inspire Bursaries programme will allocate £30k annually in grants of up to £3k to 10 young people from across Derry~Londonderry with different levels of ability who wish to pursue training and mentor support in art or culture discipline.

The Acorn Fund Giving Circle

​This comprises a group of local women who pool personal regular donations and give it out annually in grants to projects aligned to the core priorities of the Acorn Fund.  Grant sizes are typically £500 with annual funding amounts of £6,000-£10,000.

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