Monnaboy Community Benefit Fund

Purpose of the Fund:

This local community benefit fund was set up by Gaelectric in 2016 and is now managed by CGN Europe – a wind energy and energy storage company that believes in a sustainable future. GCN is committed to ensuring that their wind farms, whilst having obvious environmental benefits, also provide significant economic benefits to the local community.

The Monnaboy Community Benefit Fund is available to local community projects within 7km of the Monnaboy Wind Farm site which is located off the Monnaboy Road, Greysteel.


Boundary Map for Monnaboy

The fund aims to encourage:

  • Stronger more inclusive communities by ensuring that local people have
    ownership and involvement in the design and delivery of the project.
  • Partnership working with community, voluntary and statutory agencies to ensure a coordinated approach.
  • Sustainable solutions that address local issues.

The fund will support projects addressing issues within the following theme areas:

  • Older people
  • Families with young children
  • Young people
  • Environment and living spaces

Priority will be given to:

  • Projects aimed at providing skills development for young adults and/or the unemployed
  • Intergenerational projects
  • Collaborative projects
  • Projects tackling rural isolation
  • Projects based around community arts
  • Projects which improve the utilisation of community space

What we can’t fund:

  • Organisations or activities which promote causes that are contrary to our purposes.  Causes and activities that are contrary to our purposes include, but may not be limited to, those outlined in our investment policy.  We will not therefore fund organisations or activities which we determine are linked to the promotion of armaments, alcohol, human rights abuses, tobacco or pornography.
  • Individuals
  • Funding for retrospective project costs
  • Projects or activity that promote or advance religion
  • Promotion of religious or political activity, including any flags and emblems that may deem to be associated with such
  • Organisations whose purposes include the advancement of religion.
  • The establishment of endowment of any school or institution providing further education within the meaning of the education and libraries (Northern Ireland) order 1972
  • The provision of assistance to any Housing Association within the meaning of the housing (Northern Ireland) order 1976
  • Organisations which adopt a partisan political stance or activities which are party political. We will not support organisations that advocate the use of violence to campaign or influence public opinion
  • General appeals, individual and group sponsorship, marketing appeals, proposals for bursaries from individuals or proposals from individuals for the funding of study or attainment of qualifications
  • The provision of services that are the primary and legal responsibility of the state
  • Input VAT reclaimable from HMRC
  • Payments reimbursed or to be reimbursed by other public or private sector funding
  • Contributions in kind (i.e. a contribution in goods or services, as opposed to money)
  • Depreciation, amortisation or impairment of fixed Assets owned by the group
  • Interest payments (including service charge payments for finance leases)
  • Gifts to individuals other than promotional items with a value of no more than £25 a year to any one individual
  • Entertaining (entertaining for this purpose means anything that would be a taxable benefit to the person being entertained, according to current UK tax regulations)
  • Statutory fines, criminal fines or penalties
  • Liabilities incurred before the issue of an award
  • Use in respect of costs reimbursed or to be reimbursed by funding from any other source
  • Use of funding to top up reserves of your group



In addition Monnaboy Community Benefit Fund will not support:

  • Applications from statutory organisations
  • Salaried posts
  • Trips abroad
  • Vehicles
  • Activities that duplicate existing services

In 2020 the success rate for applications to this fund was 62%, although it should be noted that most received less than originally requested.


Please note: Applicants that currently hold a live grant under this programme:
Can you please submit your monitoring and spend information for this grant as soon as possible as this will need to be submitted prior to payment of any new award, if your application is successful.

Closing Date: Nov 1, 2021 13:00

Nov 1, 2021 13:00

  • Area:

  • Within 7km of the Monnaboy Wind Farm site

  • Grant size:

  • Up to £2,500

  • Priorities:

  • Projects aimed at providing skills development for young adults and/or the unemployed; Intergenerational projects; Collaborative projects; Projects tackling rural isolation; Projects based around community arts; Projects which improve the utilisation of community space

Ready To Apply?

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Apply Now

The fund will be open for applications from 9:00am on Monday 27 September 2021, and will close at 1:00pm on Monday 1 November 2021.

Apply online by clicking here:

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Who to speak to

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Grants Team

If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any other queries, then please contact the Grants Team

logo achieving impact square

Grants Team

If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any other queries, then please contact the Grants Team

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