Welcoming outdoor sport back this week

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Welcoming outdoor sport back this week

29 Mar 2021

As grassroots sport once again begins its phased return in NI it is now essential we use the power of sport to build back better for our young people, who have been blighted by this pandemic.

We believe sport is a vital tool to help young people develop and overcome social issues such as mental health, fight crime and anti-social behaviour, increase employment skills and pathways and to bring communities together.

As Northern Ireland begins to plan for a post-pandemic future, sport and community clubs need to play a vital role in our recovery.

It is estimated that in the UK sport returns £4 for every £1 spent on reductions in spending on crime, truancy and ill health. Young people who are physically active thanks to their local sports clubs and organisations can show up to seven times better levels of teamwork, six times better levels of greater resilience and five times better communication skills.

Research also conducted by Newton for Made By Sport revealed that before the pandemic, over 40% of local community sports clubs were either in deficit or just breaking even. The pandemic has put over 25% of community clubs at risk of permanent closure.

With sport returning (April 1st), now is the time to invest in grassroots sports and give our young people the best opportunity to thrive. That’s why with UKCF, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create something which will leave a long-lasting, positive legacy for the future of your young people.

From 12 April, the Made By Sport #ClubsInCrisis fund, supported by the Cash4Clubs scheme, will open to funding applications from community sports clubs and organisations across the UK.

Unrestricted grants of up to £2021 will be made available for those groups who do so much to use sport as a vehicle for social good for young people in the local area, and allow them to develop a range of life skills and knowledge that bring a benefit to not only the individual but also to their local community.

We know this money is needed now and that’s why we’re thrilled to support this fund alongside Made By Sport, the leading organisation that raises awareness of the power of sport and raises funds for sports clubs and organisations.


Applications open 12th April 2021 under our ‘available grants’ webpage. 

Find out more about the #ClubsInCrisis fund, visit Made By Sports here.


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