Verbal Arts shares the power of storytelling

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Verbal Arts shares the power of storytelling

31 May 2022

Verbal Arts Centre are using a unique storytelling based approach with children and young people to improve mental health and wellbeing.

With the support from the Hobson Fund Verbal Arts Centre have developed a programme for both children and their carers to enable them to tell their story. The project – ‘WellRead’ uses literature to create an imaginative space, providing structured setting for children in a safe, enjoyable environment to build the skills required to challenge negative thoughts as well as develop new skills that will protect them in the future. WellRead also provides a safe and supportive context for carers to feel enabled and address the increased prevalence of mental issues they see within their children and young people.


We caught up with Andrea Dornan, Director at Verbal Arts and Tracey Grey, Programme manager for children and young people at Verbal Arts. Listen below as they share how the power of storytelling has been improving mental health in young people and carers.



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