Tea Dance bringing back great memories

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Tea Dance bringing back great memories

17 May 2022

Music and dementia: a powerful connector

Access to Arts NI wanted to make their community a better place to live by providing positive social activities to those with limited opportunities. A successful application to the Micro Community Fund at the Community Foundation made this possible.

Each month the Access to Arts NI holds a dementia friendly tea dance providing an interactive and fun social environment for the over 50’s who have early signs of dementia. These individuals come along with their carers or companions, to enjoy a wide variety of music and tunes,  providing both physical and emotional connections.

Given the huge impact of Covid 19 especially on those with dementia, and the added challenges that lockdowns and restrictions for sufferers and carers alike this is an opportunity to provide some fun and social interaction all while promoting inclusion and belonging within their community.

Dolores O’Reilly, Access to arts NI stated;

“Music and memory have a powerful connector. Music lights up emotional memories – everyone remembers songs from their past – the first kiss, the song at a wedding, seeing their parents dance.”

“Music can have many benefits in the setting of dementia. It can help reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain speech and language and has a positive impact on carers. The universal nature of the ability to enjoy music provides a very powerful tool to enhance the quality of life of people with dementia.” 

Dementia Action Week is a national awareness day, encouraging individuals to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia and raise awareness of the signs and coping mechanisms.


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