Star Boxing Club gains Christmas bonus from Business Eye and Community Foundation partnership

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Star Boxing Club gains Christmas bonus from Business Eye and Community Foundation partnership

5 Jan 2021

Star Amature Boxing club has been an integral part of the New Lodge community for 82 years. So much more than a boxing club, they work hard to reach young people in the area and help them to build healthier lifestyles, bring communities together and reduce antisocial behaviour and crime. 


Liam Corr, one of the Clubs current coaches, has been involved with Star since he was just three years old. Following his father’s footsteps, Liam is a passionate coach providing young people with a new outlet to channel their energy. 


“We provide a safe space for young people, encouraging them off the streets and away from the risks of anti-social behaviour and crime. We hope to help build self-confidence in these young people giving them a new challenge keeping their bodies and minds healthy, as well as giving them targets and focus within their youth. People like David, (not his real name) an ex-offender who in the past abused drugs and alcohol from a young age. After getting involved with Star Boxing a few years back he became a keen keep-fit fanatic who has been helping out in the club. Star Boxing fuelled David’s interest in fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, he is now back in education, working towards the goal of becoming a personal trainer supporting others on their fitness journey.”


“We have a past to be proud of and a great future to look forward to, all thanks to these young people!”


Business Eye partnered with the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland in early 2019 to establish a fund with monies raised through the annual Business Eye Awards.  The Community Foundation matched the funds raised, awarding this to charitable organisations making a real impact.  This Christmas Star Boxing Club was awarded £2,000 through the fund. 


Last year, Business Eye and the Community Foundation supported the Simon Community with the costs of welcome packs containing new towels, facecloths, basic clothing (where required), a holdall, sanitary items and essential food and toiletries. The charity supports around 3,000 individuals across 21 accommodation projects each year, supporting the homeless. 


Richard Buckley, Editor of Business Eye explains, “Working with the Community Foundation has connected us to organisations which can make a real difference to young people.  We’re delighted to be able to provide this support to Star Boxing club, empowering young people and teaching them the value of working with others, self-discipline and commitment which in turn helps to create positive attitudes and build self-esteem – often in people that had previously lacked confidence.”


Síofra Healy, Director of Philanthropy at the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland said,

“Our valued partnership with Business Eye allows us to do what we do best, which is connecting people who care with causes that matter and ensuring funding reaches those most in need.  We have already seen the benefits of the Business Eye Fund for young people through the work of  TAMHI and the Simon Community. We look forward to working with Business Eye to support future initiatives which positively impact the lives of young people.”


To learn how you or your business could support the organisations the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland works with, get in touch



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