Monday morning at 10am we have six grants opening!

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Monday morning at 10am we have six grants opening!

30 Oct 2019

Are you ready? We have six grants opening on Monday 4th November at 10am for your community to avail of. 


  • Pears Foundation Community Spaces  
  • Comic Relief – Children Surviving and Thriving
  • Comic Relief – Global Health Matters
  • Comic Relief – Fighting for Gender Justice
  • Brockaghboy Wind Farm 
  • Micro grants 


Pears Foundation Community Spaces   

Grants available up to £5,000 

Closing at 1pm Thursday 12th December. 


This fund works to develop greater respect and understanding between people of different backgrounds, it encourages joint working and cohesion encouraging and supporting joint bidding for funding and through organised cluster events. Projects should be in areas where communities need help and support to address post conflict legacy issues and xenophobia for example which are acting as barriers towards achieving a more peaceful and stable community and society.  


Comic Relief Grants

Grants available up to £5,000.

Closing at 1pm Thursday 12th December.

Applications are sought from community and voluntary organisations with a maximum annual income of £250,00 who wish to undertake projects that contribute to one of the following three strategic areas of the Programme: 

Children Surviving and Thriving

Global Health Matters

Fighting for Gender Justice

Key to any application for support from the Programme will be how those with the lived experience of the issues at hand have been involved in project design, will be involved in project implementation and how they will benefit from it.


Micro Grants  

Grants available up to £1,000.  

Closing at 1pm Thursday 12th December. 


Micro Grants are open to groups with a maximum annual income of less than £30k with a preference for applications that are eligible for an award where annual income of less than £10k. This fund will support projects helping people engage in community participation, promote inclusion and belonging.


Brockaghboy Wind Farm      

Grants available up to £5,000. 

Closing at 1pm Monday 2nd December. 


The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support toward the development of locally-beneficial community-based projects and initiatives within a maximum 7 kilometre radius of the Brockaghboy Wind Farm, Swatragh, County Londonderry.  The fund will support a range of projects benefiting the community including improving health, community safety, tackling climate change and improving community facilities.


Applications must be completed on-line here. These will not be available until Monday 4th November at 10am. 


For further information please feel free to contact Michael Hughes Head of Building Sustainable Communities on 028 9024 5927 or via email 


*Please note this is not the full criteria for the above grants. Please refer back to our website on Monday 4th November for further details and criteria on each grant* 


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