IFA partner with the Community Foundation to open new Inclusive Clubs Fund

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IFA partner with the Community Foundation to open new Inclusive Clubs Fund

8 Oct 2019

The Community Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with the IFA supporting them with their new Inclusive Clubs Programme.  The Inclusive Clubs Programme is aimed at supporting registered football clubs with IFA, who are developing a disability or women’s section, and who wish to encourage participation from everyone in society, particularly those most marginalised, and including the BME community, as well as those with a disability.


Through the Inclusive Clubs Programme the IFA aims to:

  • Develop amateur football, youth football, schools football and futsal.
  • Advance education by providing work experience and support to educational establishments and extra-curricular groups 
  • To provide funds and football facilities in areas in areas of economic need with the object of improving circumstances 
  • To improve the health and wellbeing of people in Northern Ireland through football  


Michael Boyd, Director of Football Development said “With the fund we want to support grassroots clubs and volunteers throughout Northern Ireland. Volunteering is massive not just in football but across all sectors, volunteers are vital to the growth and development of IFA. If your going to grow the game you must invest in those people.”   


Orla Black, Community Foundation NI Grants Director says “A few hours on a football field is so valuable to an individual not only making a difference physically but mentally also. The Community Foundation are delighted to be working to make football more accessible to groups across Northern Ireland and together achieving impact with the IFA.”


There are two funding programmes to apply for.

Applicants can apply for both funding programmes.



  • Inclusive Clubs Funding Programme – Disability or Women’s Clubs


  • Impairment Specific Disability Clubs Funding Programme  


Grants size – £1,000 – £2,500 

Closing 11th November.

Apply here.   



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