Cregganconroe Community Benefit Fund supports Galbally Youth & Community Association Eco Kids Project 

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Cregganconroe Community Benefit Fund supports Galbally Youth & Community Association Eco Kids Project 

12 Mar 2020

In the beautiful townland of Cregganconroe in Pomeroy near Omagh, a local community fund set up by CGN Europe Energy is committed to supporting marginalisation and helping tackle rural isolation, particularly for children and teenagers. 


Since 2014 The Cregganconroe Community Benefit Fund, has invested over £61,000 In the area and this month, we caught up with Andrea O’Hagan, Good Relations Youth Officer for Galbally Youth and Community Association, one of the organisations to benefit from the fund.    


Andrea recently co-ordinated  Eco Kids at the youth club, a 12 week programme to educate and engage the community in waste management and recycling. 


“Litter has been an increasing problem in our community especially around our community centre where many young people choose to spend their time. It appears that many individuals had little to no concept of waste management negatively affecting our environment and the perception of our community space. Hence the creation of the Eco kids project. Educating young people and the wider community to become more mindful of waste and recycling creating sustainability for our community and the future.”


The young people took part in a series of workshops which used creativity to educate and raise awareness around waste management and as part of the programme they were given the task to design a character bin. 


“We had, everything from green cookie monsters to decorated fridges, but mostly we had great fun and we learned so much about recycling, she added” 


The Green Bin: Gracie Green (a green cookie monster, grassy, flowers etc)

Blue Bin: Blue Bert (a robot made of bottles and cardboards etc)

Black Bin: Black Ben (a grumpy bin characterization as the other bins get most of the waste)

Brown Bin Bella Brown (fridge bin decorated with all types of food)


Children aged 9- 11 from the area created and lead the project using creative workshops, educational trips and an end of project celebration night which showcased their designs and learning to other local groups, parents and the wider community.  


“Eco kids was a chance to help young people understand the importance of waste management and sustainability. We found as a result of the project young people have put more sustainable practices and procedures in place for the youth club. It is also clear that our young people are more confident in recycling and know what bins are used and for what waste products” 


Anthony Walsh from CGN Europe Energy added “ We are delighted to be able to support this project. Working through the Community Foundation, ensures that our funding is going to great projects in local communities” 







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