Pressure Groups Empower Community Change  

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Pressure Groups Empower Community Change  

1 Jun 2020

Throughout the Foundation’s history we have been committed to addressing the challenges of peacebuilding, social justice and effective community development. We believe in the power of community activity to change Northern Ireland for the better. The Pressure Group Fund provides individuals and groups with tools and support to make positive changes to their communities. 


This Fund was established in recognition of the contribution groups and people in our society, who are working towards supporting social change, can make through direct civic action, lobbying and campaigning. It is one way in which the Foundation can be responsive to needs and issues facing communities.


The Enda Dolan Foundation was recently awarded £1,000. The organisation is working on an ongoing basis to better the laws around death by dangerous driving in Northern Ireland by contacting and communicating with key political and departmental representatives. Their purpose of work is driven by the tragic death of Enda Dolan, who was killed by a driver heavily under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.


Covid19 has presented new issues for communities whether this is the lack of services available in rural areas, increased littering from PPE clothing or the lack of support for people facing additional risks due to inequality, abuse and disadvantage at this time. Groups who want to recognise the power of their voice have the opportunity to apply to the fund, offering grants up to £1,000 for communities to come together and lobby, making a positive change in their area. 


Paul Braithwaite, Head of Innovation and Voice “This fund has always been a driving force for change and now with more challenges in a continually changing environment, community voice is more important than ever. We want to empower communities to seek positive change and influence government policy or legislation for the better.” 


Apply for the Pressure Group Fund here. 



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