The Gill’s Charity Fund

  • Intro:

  • The Gill’s Charity Fund offers funding to organisations for projects for the benefit of older people resident in the Borough of Carrickfergus (as per the old Local Government area).

    In recognition of the needs of older people, and the great work that groups supporting older people are doing, the Community Foundation have recently acquired the management and administration of the Gill’s Charity Fund. The Fund will be accessible annually.

  • Area:

  • Borough of Carrickfergus

  • Priorities:

  • Reducing isolation and vulnerability of older people, through supporting participation in activities; Reducing the fear of crime amongst older people; Encouraging and supporting the independence of older people; Improving health and well-being, and supporting older people to remain in their homes; Supporting older people to keep warm; Supporting older people to access a nutritious meal; Reducing the potential for age discrimination, and/or abuse; Enabling older people to access technology, and; Enabling older people to access potential benefits and entitlements that they may not be aware of; Engaging older people to take community action; Enabling active participation of older people in the community in decision-making, and addressing issues facing their sector.

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