The Fibrus Community Fund

  • Intro:

  • The Fibrus Community Fund has been established by Fibrus Networks Ltd.

    The pandemic has massively increased our use of technology and it now plays a vital role in our daily lives.

    Homeschooling during lockdown, with children requiring laptops, tablets and phones, has further exacerbated the digital divide for young people. Some children, and their families, do not have access to adequate technology to enable them to progress.

    Having suitable equipment, as well as a stable internet connection has also been an issue for many, particularly those living in rural areas.

    Many families can only afford one device yet may have a number of children requiring access to online devices for online classes. That has meant that those children have had to share devices, have missed a great deal of opportunity to adequately continue their education during lockdown.

    Those who perhaps are already disadvantaged and isolated, are now even more so as a result of the pandemic. The digital divide remains a problem throughout Northern Ireland.

  • Area:

  • Northern Ireland

  • Priorities:

  • Projects that will target those most in need of support to use and access digital technologies * Projects that build on the assets within communities, to support those who have faced digital challenges

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