The David Cross Young People’s Fund

  • Intro:

  • The David Cross Young People’s Fund has been established by the David Cross Foundation, in partnership with the Community Foundation for NI and the Department for Communities.

    The Fund has been established to support young people in Northern Ireland, with a particular focus on entrepreneurship and employability. It is envisaged that it will offer grants of up to £15,000.

    The fund recognises that we all face huge challenges to our way of life as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is particularly true of young people, many of whom will have seen their education interrupted at a key moment, their future plans derailed and their employment prospects damaged.
    To help address this the fund aims to make a small number of awards to organisations working with young people to enable them to meet these and other challenges.

    It’s one of five philanthropic funds investing in the voluntary and community sector to roll out this year. Philanthropic funding has been secured from individuals, families and charitable trusts and is being matched funded by DfC to support innovative and sustainable projects within a broad range of themes across NI.

  • Area:

  • Northern Ireland

  • Priorities:

  • The fund has four key objectives: To support youth entrepreneurship; To enhance young people’s skills and employment prospects; To encourage cross community working and reconciliation; To support creative and innovative thinking and problem solving

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