The Ann McGeeney Fund

  • Intro:

  • Ann McGeeney was born in 1962 in Cornonagh, a small townland outside Crossmaglen in South Armagh, Ireland. Throughout her working life she was dedicated to working with and for the community in deprived areas, across the border, supporting peacebuilding and inspiring women to be confident and make a difference to their lives. Ann worked in dangerous and difficult times but despite intimidation, confrontation and challenge she never diverted from what she believed in or in the defence of who she believed in. Ann died in September 2014 from cancer and in recognition of her life and work her family and friends established the Ann McGeeney Charitable Trust.

  • Area:

  • Newry and South Armagh Areas

  • Priorities:

  • Local community organisations that are addressing need in the Newry Area.

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