Crighshane CBF

  • Intro:

  • This local community fund has been set up by Energia Renewables, working in close partnership with local groups from the areas surrounding the Crighshane and Church Hill Wind Farms.
    The Irish Infrastructure Fund and Energia have set up the fund to ensure the wind farms, whilst having obvious environmental benefits, will also provide significant social and economic benefits to the local community. The Irish Infrastructure & Energia Community Benefit Fund will be administered by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.

  • Area:

  • Within 6km of the wind farm

  • Priorities:

  • Projects that address marginalisation and help tackle rural isolation particularly Children and teenagers (including pre-school children)/ The provision of skills development of local people and arts and cultural activities. Activities and events designed to encourage greater community interaction and cohesion. Projects that improve the utilisation of existing community space, including community venues and outdoor spaces and programmes and projects designed to improve local environmental and conservation management are supported.

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