Techies in Residence group brings Perinatal Mental Health to the forefront

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Techies in Residence group brings Perinatal Mental Health to the forefront

Centred Soul, a social enterprise supporting individuals and families experiencing Perinatal Mental Health illness (mental health illness that occurs during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and/or following a Birth Trauma). Centred Soul aims to educate parents-to-be, not only in pregnancy but pre-pregnancy, to destigmatise Perinatal Mental Health. They work to open up a conversation, and if these challenges arise for parents, to provide a safe space for them to discuss their concerns with others, and get support without judgement.

Centred Soul joined our Techies in Residence programme seeking to overcome the stigma attached to perinatal mental health illness by creating a confidential online environment to connect those marginalised by the stigma and enable them to communicate with each other openly, in a safe environment. Allowing the organisation, based in Newry to offer support to mothers and fathers all across Northern Ireland breaking down the barrier of location and extending their support to a wider audience.

Centred Soul worked closely with Damegio, their tech professional to create a prototype of their online interactive platform.

At the Techies in Residence showcase event Centred Soul successfully secured £10,000 of seed funding from Bank Of Ireland to support further development of their online platform enabling them to have a fully functional and completed tool. This will be launched in an official capacity in the Newry, Mourne and Down district area/Southern Health & Social Care Trust area, using a professional media marketing campaign.

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