St. Columb’s Park House

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St. Columb’s Park House

Name: St. Columb’s Park House

Purpose: A peace and reconciliation centre using nature, permaculture and other ways to explore peacebuilding, focusing on peace within, peace with nature and peace with others

Tech challenge: Bringing local history back to life making this easy and accessible for everyone

Techie: Cormac Duffy, Access Heritage


St. Columb’s Park House connects the community to the wider history of the local area and nature, through various history programmes and walking trails of the house and its grounds.


Columb’s Park House envision technology as playing a vital role in bringing history to life and sharing their wealth of knowledge with others. Currently, there are no Irish identification apps or anything local in the area which tells stories of the land. Columb’s Park House are particularly interested in sharing healing history and heritage stories which have become lost over the years. This history when uncovered, can support individuals to make peace with parts of themselves and past conflict in the city. Technology can be the tool to give people information as well as a lens for curiosity, to know more and link with other spaces of information engaging more with their local history. 


Stay tuned to hear how they progress throughout the Techies and Residence programme.

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