Leading change around Participation and the Practice of Rights

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Leading change around Participation and the Practice of Rights

Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) joined our Techies in Residence programme in 2019 to lead change surrounding the inadequate provision of affordable housing in NI which generates poor living conditions and homelessness.

PPR support marginalised people to assert their rights in practical ways and make real social and economic change in their communities. Equipping individuals and communities with the tools to make the change that matters to them. PPR support families and individuals to submit human rights complaints to the Department for Communities and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

PPR worked alongside their techie – Creative Workers Collective creating an app – Housing Rights Watch, to educate individuals on their rights and to encourage and facilitate the effective reporting of problems.

“Knowing what your rights are and exercising them can help to create change by holding the public authorities attention, changing decisions and forcing a redirection of resources.”

Sean Brady, PPR

At the Techies in Residence showcase event PPR successfully secured £5,000 of seed funding from Bank Of Ireland to support further development of their online app enabling them to have a fully functional and completed tool supporting a wider audience with knowing their rights.

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