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Mid & East Antrim Agewell Partnership

VCSE organisation:   Mid & East Antrim Agewell Partnership (MEAAP)

Social Challenge:  Mid & East Antrim Agewell Project engaging with over 120 older people groups across the Ballymena, Larne and Carrickfergus area, through various activities, events and trips. Since the pandemic, their services have moved online to support this demographic. However, the lack of know-how, equipment and internet connection has left many of these already vulnerable people socially excluded and with little contact with the outside world.  Mid & East Antrim Agewell Project joined the Techies in Residence programme to find a digital solution for isolated, vulnerable older people to access and use technology safely.

Techie: DAMGEO

Tech Solution: Watch the demonstration video of the prototype digital solution’  MyEasy app


Following participation in the programme, MEAAP pitched for and received a Seed Fund award of £12,000 to enable them to further develop, test and launch their prototype project. You can watch their pitch, which was presented at the TiR 2021 showcase event here 

The Seed Fund award will be used to

  • Continue developments of streamlining remote access by integrating Team Viewer within the app.
  • Complete Service User testing to identify the need for further in-app developments such as Messaging Services and Event Management Calendar integration.
  • Design and produce video tutorials, overlays and booklets from Service User feedback
  • Install and personalise devices and app for individual service users.

For more information on this TiR project contact:

Mid & East Antrim Agewell Partnershio – MEAAP



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