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Linking Generations NI

VCSE organisation:   Linking Generations NI

Social Challenge:  LGNI joined Techies in Residence seeking solutions to the barriers of connecting older and younger people safely during the covid pandemic. With over 500 members who regularly met together before the pandemic to take part in various steering groups across Northern Ireland including older people’s partnership meetings in various council areas, the NI wide Digital Assist steering group and various international groupings specific to the intergenerational field of work, it is vital to find another method of connecting these individuals.

Covid created a need for a digital solution which makes it easy for organisations like Linking generations to connect older and younger people in projects and activities that traditionally met face to face.

Techie: Metadeck

Tech Solution: Watch the demonstration video of the prototype digital solution.


Following participation in the programme, Linking Generations NI pitched for and received a Seed Fund award of £12,000 to enable them to further develop, test and launch their prototype project. You can watch their pitch and showcase event here

The Seed Fund award will be used to

  • Conduct user testing of the prototype with participants from a range of age settings including a school, a care home and sheltered accommodation
  • Develop training materials/ tutorial videos and train LGNI Staff on how to use the software
  • Create additional technical functionality to enhance prototype, including speech to text, rich content, screen-sharing and breakout room admin
  • Further rollout of enhanced design to include marketing, training, testing and feedback from community organisations
  • Organise a public launch of the platform
  • Rollout of enhanced design to include marketing and training

For more information on this TiR project contact:

Linking Generations NI 



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