Future schools: Empowering parents, schools and communities

Our Impact

Future schools: Empowering parents, schools and communities

Grant Awarded: £60,900

Team members: IEF and Ulster University (UNESCO dept)

Our Vision

Parents, schools, communities and education stakeholders are empowered to find a common way forward that will support and sustain communities and improve society as a whole

Project aims:

to provide support and guidance that will enable schools and the communities within which they are located to undertake self-evaluation in relation to school sustainability.

to apply the Community Conversation methodology to engage communities in a shared exploration about the way forward.

to develop resources that will support communities to work with the managing authorities towards a realistic, sustainable solution to ensure ongoing school provision in their area

By delivering this project we hope to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Greater inclusion of parents and communities in area planning processes.
  • Application and further refinement of the prototype resource.
  • Two rural communities facing pressures of school sustainability supported to identify, and progress locally agreed sustainable solutions
  • Development of training materials
  • Delivery of training to Boards of Governors on the Future Schools resource


For more information on the Future Schools project, or to follow progress of our Civic Innovation project;

Future Schools Website


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