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Cloughmills Community Garden

We recently visited Cloughmills Community Gardens, one of the projects the Community Foundation has helped to fund. One of our regular Seeing Is Believing events where we visit community projects with partners to highlight the impact philanthropy is having on building and strengthening communities across NI.

Cloughmills Community Action Team shared with us how they transformed an unused space into an area for everyone of all ages in the community to benefit from. Over the past 10 years Cloughmills Community Garden project has grown with new additions continually being added to the site creating new opportunities for the surrounding community members and people beyond.

They were home to the first Community Fridge in Northern Ireland which is now thriving within the community which aims to reduce food waste. They have also developed a men’s shed, outdoor kitchen and vegetable gardens. A unique project titles ‘Free Range Families’ is one of their popular workshops where the garden is open to families to learn and discover where their food comes from with the opportunity to get their hands dirty. Through a range of activities, The Community Action Team encourage intergenerational activities and a cross-community approach through a mixture of social and practical activities in Cloughmills strengthening the community.

An inspiring visit which gave visitors plenty of food for thought on how they can incorporate these fresh ideas and methods into their own community projects.

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“I found it really interesting and a great example of a simple, repeatable model for driving community cohesion. It would be difficult not to be inspired by the passion, selflessness and creativity of those leading the project. They clearly live for it and seem to give endlessly of themselves, seeking out and making the most of opportunities.

From a Telecommunity, or funding, point of view, it is great to see how much can be made of a little, and how the little we can give unlocks so much potential.”

David Scholes, Telecommunity Fund

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