A digital platform offering support to bereaved families

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A digital platform offering support to bereaved families

Our Future Foyle delivered through City Centre Initiative, is an innovative cultural intervention within the riverside public realm driven by a community need to respond to the growing concern over mental health. Its intention is to grow a social movement to transform the mindset and negative view of the River Foyle. Through rejuvenation and animation of the banks and bridges as a shared positive space, Our Future Foyle works to improve the health and social well-being of everyone using the riverfront.

The charity engaged in the Techies in Residence programme to create a digital space that can offer support, guidance and advice to families who have lost loved ones to suicide via the River Foyle. The current advice that is available to bereaved families is distributed by various agencies in different tones, formats and available from different locations. Sometimes leading to confusion as to who provides each of the various services which can cause further distress to grieving families.

This digital app solution creates clear and coherent communication given to the bereaved family surrounding the roles and support delivered by each of the various agencies involved in the search, recovery and period of time after the recovery of a loved one has taken place.

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