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The Lightbody Foundation Grant

By Lightbody Foundation


The Foundation is made up of Gary, his sister Sarah, one of Gary’s best friends, Davy Matchett, Candice Cathers, who has worked with Gary at Third Bar for many years, and John D’Arcy, one of the founder members of the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast.

The Foundation will make donations to 5 or 6 charities, twice a year. At this time, those charities will be based in Northern Ireland. The Foundation wishes to try and help some of those NI charities that are struggling in these tough times, as a result of a potential Brexit, and of no functioning government in Northern Ireland.

The Lightbody Foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation to connect them with charities across Northern Ireland.

The Lightbody Foundation is seeking written proposals for projects supporting any of the following priorities:

  • Mental health
  • Children and adults with special needs
  • Activities to support adults with life challenges such as dementia
  • Activities to enable children and adults from marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds access creative activities such as music
  • Engaging mentoring and support for young people and adults in creative activities
  • Sport
  • Cancer and disease research

The grant available will be £10,000 for each project supported.  We intend to support six charities.

To be eligible to apply you should ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a locally based not-for-profit, voluntary or community group working in Northern Ireland to improve the quality of life for local people
  • You have an active management committee, with no two related cheque signatories
  • You have a governing document, i.e. Constitution in the name of the applicant organisation
  • You have a current (in credit) bank account in the name of your organisation
  • You have up to date annual accounts
  • You have complied with the conditions of previous grants, including submission of monitoring returns.

The fund will focus on costs associated with a particular project, directly addressing one of the priorities identified earlier. This might include facilitation costs and sessional costs for projects.

Projects must not therefore be solely for ongoing operational and core costs, including salaries.

Template For Submission:

We think it might be helpful if you use the following template for submission of your proposal. This will give us more of an idea of what you are doing, and help us make final decisions. We expect there to be a lot of interest in this fund.

  • Name of main contact, including contact email
  • Organisation details, including address
  • Background to your organisation, including income levels, main priorities, some examples of previous work
  • Confirmation of eligibility
  • Potential projects details that you are seeking financial support for, including proposed budget of project, and what you will spend the £10,000 on
  • Details of how you fit at least one of the fund themes, and potential number of beneficiaries
  • Anything else you feel relevant that will add weight to your proposal

Proposals are limited to no more than 2 A4 pages, which must be submitted as a word document, by email, to Orla Black, Grants Director, by Friday 20th September 2019 at 1pm.

If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any other queries, then please contact the Grants Team via e-mail or call 028 9024 5927

Closing Date: Sep 20, 2019 13:00

Sep 20, 2019 13:00

  • Area:

  • Northern Ireland

  • Grant size:

  • £10,000

  • Priorities:

  • Special educational needs, mental health issues and mentoring for young people.

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Proposals are limited to no more than 2 A4 pages, which must be submitted as a word document, by email, to Orla Black, Grants Director, by Friday 20th September 2019 at 1pm.

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